small picture of UM's BSRB ceiling


Selecting the right caterer for your venue is critical to the success of your event. Every location has its own charm and its own challenges. Food Art has created amazing events at a tremendous variety of locations—most of them without a full catering kitchen on site. When you select your venue be mindful that the location will affect your menu options and the space will determine the flow and size of your event.

A few of the area's favorite venues include The Ann Arbor Hands On Museum, Cobblestone Farm, Matthaei Botanical Gardens, The Power Center, U of M Museum of Art, The Michigan Theater, Stone Arch Arts and Events and, of course, Pierce Lake Golf Course and Sharon Mills County Park. Whether you are hosting an event at your home or business, or renting a public space, Food Art will work with you and the venue you select to make your event successful and unique.

Venue Considerations

tables with oranges cloths at UM's BSRB